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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wrestling the Devil By Lex Luger

The cover of the Book.

After years of hard work, Lex Luger had it all. Fans screaming for him & money rolling in. He was the "All-American". Outside the ring, Lex's life was falling apart bit by bit. He was having a secret affair & a serious drug addiction. His world fell apart when fellow wrestling star who was also his mistress died from a drug overdoes in Lex's apartment. But then the best thing that could have happened to Lex did. He met a pastor who would not give up on him. Slowly but surely Lex found his way to God and was saved. After being saved Lex was in a tragic accident. His newly found faith helped him to power through & be a inspiration to others. His honest memoir, retells his struggles & demons, and how through new found faith he is stronger than ever!

This story touched me as I was just saved 5 months ago. Lex fought some incredible demons & still found his way to God. It makes me even more glad that I found my way to God as well.

See the trailer for the book HERE:

Lex Luger today.

I Will be giving away a copy of this book. Come back to my blog for more details

*I recieved a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for review for Tyndale Publishers*

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