"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer" - Albert Camus

Friday, November 22, 2013

Frame 232 by Wil Mara

Frame 232

November 22nd, 1963 Dallas, Texas 12:20p.m.
Margaret Baker was a normal, excited American. Today was the day the president was coming to Dallas. She was going to watch the presidential procession come through Dealy Plaza. Margaret felt ridiculous, though. She had to wear a disguise so her boss wouldn't see her. He despised President Kennedy. An overcoat and a headscarf. A disguise that would change her life forever. Margaret would forever be known as "The Babushka Lady", and the footage she shot that day would forever change history. Margaret was afraid of what would happen if she came out with the footage, so she kept it a secret. She didn't even tell her husband. She stored the footage in a safe deposit box in a bank, and tryed to go on with her life. A life she lived in fear.
Sheila Baker, Margaret's daughter, is now left her mother's secret. Margaret has passed and left the footage to her daughter. After watching the footage, Sheila isn't sure what to do. Should she destroy it or let it out? So she contacts billionaire truth-seeker Jason Hammond to help her. Suddenly both Sheila and Jason's lives are sent into a tailspin. Both running, for their lives. Can they let the truth out or will the wrong people get to them first?
I thought this book was amazing. The Kennedy assassination has always been a sad but intriguing topic to me. Although the author states he truly believes Oswald was the only shooter, the story is quite believable. I would recommend this book to anyone who finds this topic or history in itself interesting.
*I received this book free from Tyndale publishers in exchange for my honest opinions and review.*
Here is a link to the author Q & A.
 The book trailer:

Friday, November 15, 2013


A quiz all to do with Green.

1. First name with letters mixed up. Hasyel
2. [] Lime [x] Lemon [] Lemon-Lime?
3. Ever had a treehouse? [] Yes [x] No
4. Do you wear Green? [] No [x] Yes
     Look Good in it? [] Yes [x] Dunno
5. Fav green veggie? __________ Broccoli
6. [x] Chartreuse [] Grass Green [] Forest Green
7. Talked with a parrot? [] No [x] Yes
     What did it say? ___________ Pretty Bird.
8. Ever Golfed? [x] No [] Just Goofy Golf [] Yes
9. Ever Found a Four-leaf Clover? [] Yes [x] No
10. Most green ($) you've ever had in your pocket? _____________________   $200.00
11. Would you try Green Eggs and Ham? [x] Sure [] No Way!
12. [x] Spearmint  [] Peppermint?
13. Believe in little green men? [x] Yes! [] No, aliens don't exist
14. Someone you know with green eyes. _____________ Ashley Winn
15. Have any Irish in you? [] No [] Don't know [x] Yes
16. Like the Movie with the Emerald City? [x] Yes [] No, witch is scary!
17. Something that made you green with envy? ______________ My brother meeting AJ Allmendinger
18. [x] Green [] Red Apples?
19. Write down the first green thing you see. __________________ My Bag
20. What 3 wishes would you ask of a leprechaun? ___________________  1 Meet Bruno Mars
                                                                                                                           2 Meet Tyson Ritter
                                                                                                                            3 Go to Ireland

Friday, November 1, 2013

What do you think of when you see or hear these words?

Answer with one word or a short sentence.
1. Noodles. ______________________ Cavitini.
2. Bumblebees. _____________________ Pillow pets
3. Haunted House _____________________ Eddie Murphy
4. Flip-Flops ________________ Summer
5. Paws ____________ Panda Bears
6. Fist Bump ______________ Cam Newton
7. Yellow _________________ Funshine Bear
8. Fairy ____________________ Tinkerbelle
9. Fortune Cookies ____________________ The Big Bang Theory
10. Rock Band ___________________ Video Games

The Two Quiz

Answer the Questions to this quiz with 2 answers. Have fun!

1. Names you Go By? Ash, Ashe
2. People who know you best? My mom & brother.
3. Sweets that go great together? Oreos & Vanilla Ice Cream
4. Things you avoid? Boys & Barry Manilow Music
5. Objects in your backpack or bag? My wallet & mp3 player.
6. Things you've climbed? A fire tower & a tree
7. Places you've jumped from? The side of a pool & monkey bars
8. People or things that make you LOL? Martin Short & Comedies.
9. Things you've lost? My Italian Charm Bracelet & my Carousel pin.
10. Things that give you the creeps? Snakes & Rats.
11. Reasons that make you run fast? Look above ^^^
12. Things you wish existed? Care Bears & the Mad Hatter.
13 Foods you like to eat every day? Potatoes & Cottage Cheese
14. Jobs you'd never do? Snake Wrangler & Pest Control.
15. Activities you do fast? Typing & Reading.
16. Activities that take you forever? Laundry & Yard work.
17. Reasons you stay awake at night? To read & watch T.V.
18. Sticky things you love? Popsicles & Pop
19. Things you don't like to do in public? Order food & Talk to big groups.
20. Things you don't like to do alone? Watch Scary movies & Shop.