"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer" - Albert Camus

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Two Quiz

Answer the Questions to this quiz with 2 answers. Have fun!

1. Names you Go By? Ash, Ashe
2. People who know you best? My mom & brother.
3. Sweets that go great together? Oreos & Vanilla Ice Cream
4. Things you avoid? Boys & Barry Manilow Music
5. Objects in your backpack or bag? My wallet & mp3 player.
6. Things you've climbed? A fire tower & a tree
7. Places you've jumped from? The side of a pool & monkey bars
8. People or things that make you LOL? Martin Short & Comedies.
9. Things you've lost? My Italian Charm Bracelet & my Carousel pin.
10. Things that give you the creeps? Snakes & Rats.
11. Reasons that make you run fast? Look above ^^^
12. Things you wish existed? Care Bears & the Mad Hatter.
13 Foods you like to eat every day? Potatoes & Cottage Cheese
14. Jobs you'd never do? Snake Wrangler & Pest Control.
15. Activities you do fast? Typing & Reading.
16. Activities that take you forever? Laundry & Yard work.
17. Reasons you stay awake at night? To read & watch T.V.
18. Sticky things you love? Popsicles & Pop
19. Things you don't like to do in public? Order food & Talk to big groups.
20. Things you don't like to do alone? Watch Scary movies & Shop.

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