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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Your Top 5

My Top 5's

Here's a little way to get to know each other. There are 15 catagories. You list your top 5 favorites in each. Have fun!

Top 5 Movies:
1. The Boondock Saints 2
2.This Is the End
4.The Notebook
5.Secret Window

Top 5 Shows:
1.The Walking Dead
2.The Big Bang Theory
3.Sleepy Hollow
4.Z Nation

Top 5 Songs:
1.Say Say Say
2.The Kids from Yesterday
3.The Phoenix
4.Strange Currencies
5.An American Girl

Top 5 Books:
1.TWD Series (Comics and Novels)
2.The Notebook
3.A Walk to Remember
4.Twilight Series
5.Alex Cross' Trial

Top 5 Actors:
1.Norman Reedus
2.Sean Patrick Flannery
3.Andrew Lincoln
4.Ryan Gosling
5.Johnny Depp

Top 5 Actress':
1.Kate Winslet
2.Rachel McAdams
3.Lindsay Lohan
4.Lauren Cohan
5.Mandy Moore

Top 5 Athletes:
1.A.J. Allmendinger
2.Tyler Eifert
3.Andrew Luck
4.Corey Robinson
5.Colin Kaperknick

Top 5 Bands:
1.Fall Out Boy
2.My Chemical Romance
3.The Beatles
4.Matchbox 20

Top 5 Music Artists:
1.Michael Jackson
2.Gwen Stefani
3.Demi Lovato
4.Bruno Mars
5.Amy Winehouse

Top 5 Games:
1.TWD: Survival Instinct
2.Guitar Hero
4.Sonic the Hedgehog

Top 5 Horror Movies:
2.Silver Bullet
3.House on Haunted Hill
4.Dawn of the Dead
5.Thirteen Ghosts

Top 5 Authors:
1.James Patterson
2.Nicholas Sparks
3.Luanne Rice
4.Stephen King
5.Robert Kirkman

Top 5 Fictional Characters:
1.Daryl Dixon
2.Sheldon Cooper
3.Ichabod Crane
4.Rick Grimes
5.Burton Guster

Top 5 Cartoons:
1.Spongebob Squarepants
2.Care Bears
3.Rocky and Bullwinkle
4.Honk Kong Phooey
5.Sanjay and Graig

Top 5 Things You Hate:

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