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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane by Alex Irvine

The Secret Journal of Ichabod CraneThe Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane by Alex Irvine

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Ichabod Crane, thrown into modern day Sleepy Hollow after two centuries of slumber, keeps a journal. His thoughts about the new world and cases that he and his new partner, Abigail Mills, are working on.
Thoughts on today's:
and etc.

Thoughts on how he is one, of the two Witnesses and how he takes that postitin very seriously.
Thoughts on his wife, Katrina, and how he misses her.

If you're a fan of the Hit Television show, then this is a great book to have.

I loved this. I love books that are like journals, I think it's really creative how the authors can completely make you believe that the character really wrote these things. I was always fascinated by the Sleepy Hollow tale, but with the help of movies and now this show, I've become even more enthralled in it. I love how the tale has evolved over time.

*I recieved this book for free from, Blogging for Books, in exchange for my honest review and opinons.*

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