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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Normal Barbie is Here!

The Lammily Doll a.k.a. Normal barbie is here. She is available online for about 25 dollars. This doll was an art idea, to make barbie be "normal". The doll has what should be normal proportions for a 19 year old woman. This is based on data from the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Lammily doll comes with an expansion pack of stickers. These stickers include: scars, bruises, stretch marks, glasses, moles, tattoos, and etc.

Is this a good idea? I believe so. It can teach little girls that not all girls are perfect. Some will have scars or etc. But just because we have these, does not mean we're not beautiful girls.

To read more, here is an article from The Washington Post. 

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