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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Bridge Tender by Marybeth Whalen

While on their honeymoon, Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Shaw make a pact. No matter what the have to sacrifice, they will return to Sunset Beach, North Carolina and but their own home. A beautiful pact made by newlyweds. A pact that was never to be.

Seven years into the marriage, Emily Shaw is left a widow. Alone, heartbroken, and past the point of caring. Until A man shows up with something for her from Ryan. Unsure if she's able to stay in their home, Emily returns to Sunset Beach, ready to hold up her end of the pact.

In no time, Emily finds the perfect home and becomes immeresed in the coastal town life. As the town debates among each other on wether to build a new bridge or keep the old one, Emily tries to decide wether she should side with her new neighbor and the Bridge Tender she has met, or side with the others.

Emily must also decide if she should and could, build her own bridge. A bridge to a new love and new chapter in her life, or will she be stuck on the old bridge, unable to let go of a past love?

This book was really good. At first I thought I was going to be bored with it. However, after a chapter or so, I was hooked. I wanted to know if Emily could move on and keep her end of this beautiful pact. In the end, I was very happy I got this book.

*I recieved this book From BookLook, as part of their blogger program, in exchange for my honest review.*

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