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Thursday, January 23, 2014

It Had to Be You by Susan May Warren

Eden Christiansen is living in her little brother Owen's shadow. Owen is a NHL player & Eden is his biggest cheerleader, but looking after Owen has caused Eden to put her own life on the back burner.
Eden wishes someone would step up to mentor Owen so she can continue her life, but she knows better than to expect that from Bad Boy & team captain Jace Jacobsen. Jace, now at a crossroads about his future in hockey, is trapped by his reputation and Eden's guilt trip. When Owen's carelessness cause him to have a career threatening injury, Jace & Eden are thrown together.. and they start to see that maybe they belong on the same team after all. 

This book is an amazing book. The characters really draw you in & the individual stories of each character touch your heart. I also like this edition because it includes a novella entitled. "I Really Do Miss Your Smile". This novella tells the story of how the Christiansen family came to be. It was really good as well.

*I received this book from Tyndale in exchange for my review.*

Susan May Warren

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